Mayor KT of Melonia reporting for duty!!
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I feel like drawing for people tonight so reply to this with a ref of your mayor! The style of drawing will be up to me uwu but hey, who doesn’t want free art?

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Home is where the Queen rules



villagers i may or may not plan to have in a second town

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1: favorite haircolor for your character
2: fav NPC
3: fav furniture set
4: fav PWP
5: fav villager species
6: fav villager personality
7: fav k.k. song
8: fav exterior
9: fav building on main street
10: fav uchi villager
11: fav normal villager
12: fav peppy villager
13: fav snooty villager
14: fav smug villager
15: fav jock villager
16: fav lazy villager
17: fav cranky villager
18: fav pink villager
19: fav blue villager
20: fav white villager
21: fav black villager
22: fav popular villager
23: fav unpopular villager
24: fav cat villager
25: fav horse villager
26: fav squirrel villager
27: fav dog villager
28: fav hamster villager
29: fav cub villager
30: fav mouse villager
31: fav bear villager
32: fav wolf villager
33: fav bird villager
34: fav lion / tiger villager
35: fav anteater villager
36: fav gorilla / monkey villager
37: fav deer villager
38: fav duck villager
39: fav elephant villager
40: fav rhino / hippo villager
41: fav octopus villager
42: fav koala villager
43: fav kangaroo villager
44: fav sheep villager
45: fav cow / bull villager
46: fav goat villager
47: fav rabbit villager
48: fav penguin villager
49: fav frog villager
50: fav alligator villager
51: fav gyroid
52: fav tool
53: fav mini game (island tour)
54: fav accessoire
55: fav hat
56: fav dress (no design)
57: fav shirt
58: fav season
59: fav weather
60: fav daytime music
[you can also ask for least favorite of each question °3°]
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My favorite spot in town



Send Me Your Headcanons For Me!!!


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Commission of somebody’s mayor with Phoebe… I hope it turned out alright ;;

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