Mayor KT of Melonia reporting for duty!!
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Flurry wanted to hear me play ☁️



Yes, Tommy, you don’t need to teach me how to wrap a gift, you don’t have to ask me that every single time I buy wrapping paper. Like wth, I’m the effing Mayor, if I can manage that I think I’d know how to wrap a gift damnit…then again, I’m just a kid who stepped on this town and was made Mayor by force to a buncha needy animals. Oh well. 

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I love him so much ;-;



Bell Commission of Marina for Obesemudkipz! Thank you so much for commissioning me and the extra bells as well >< I guess we both share a similar love for this pink sweety. I remember when I cried when she left my town in Wild world when I was in elementary school. Anyway, I hope you like it! I also added the transparent file without the background and effects for you!

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199 yuan ($32.33 USD)

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Another amazing spotting of a dragon, unicorn, AND a phoenix!


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