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I think it’s important to be fully awake when playing animal crossing or else you might end up looking for a specific fish called a river fish when a villager requests one and then realise that all fish from the river are river fish

Goodbye summer skies~


Let’s be honest here: I can’t draw. On that premise, I think it’s pretty obvious that the villager drawings aren’t by me, SOOOO I’d like to thank these lovely people (who you should totally check out!) :

So allow me to waffle for a bit: I have fun posting screencaps and making sarcastic comments on them, but I wanted to post some other original content. Now, being unable to draw, I spent some time thinking what on Earth I can do that could relate to AC:NL.

Then I realised! I’ve always loved photography. Ok yes, I’m not the world’s greatest photographer (by far!) but I have so many photos just rotting away in my documents because I don’t know what to do with them, that I thought it might be fun to start mixing AC:NL villagers with real life. So this is my first try! I don’t know… What do you guys think? Should I continue? >.<

(And sorry for the long post!)

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Went out today and stopped by at DAVIDsTEA ovo The “sweet apple cider” is v good!

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Here is the version of Lunar Horizon I made to use for my blog. Please source if you use c:

Despite my love for this wallpaper, I still have not been able to get it from Sahara, so if you are selling Lunar Horizon or Lunar Surface, please let me know! Thanks! ;w;

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museum date


I FINISHED IT!! Or last night after working on it the whole day yesterday QvQ Animal Crossing picnic party! Among other things, this is going to be a notebook design hopefully soon~

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Happy September + Labor Day everyone! 



so is animal crossing just a debt simulator with cute animals or


「とび森らくがきログ」/「とりう@鳥生」の漫画 [pixiv]

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